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At Miami Regional University we are more than an educational institution, we are a Family. We are bonded through our diverse cultures, our unique curiosity and passion with technology and information, and our desire to help each other and the community. The department of Campus Life works closely with students, alumni, and student services departments in everything at MRU. Campus Life connects students and alumni to available services, community events, campus pride and traditions, student ceremonies, and social and cultural events both on and off campus.

Through MRU4You, Campus Life provides students a streamlined way to access resources, obtain answers to general questions, and find assistance with challenges associated with campus life. Strength comes in numbers and there’s nothing our MRU family can’t accomplish when our students, faculty and staff come together! Saber que se puede! Believe you can!

Francesca Marrero
Director of Campus Life

Francesca Marrero, as Director of Campus Life for Miami Regional, oversees all aspects of Campus Life at the University and the MRU4You division. With everything interconnected at MRU, Campus Life helps include the alumni, graduation, pinning events on and off campus, as well as, the ties to the community. It will manage the exciting upcoming quest for a Mascot for MRU and will work hand in hand with the student associations on campus.

Francesca has strong ties to the community, with extensive experience in social and multi-media. She is spearheading the MRU4You division at Miami Regional University. Students can contact MRU4You via email ( or MRU4You teams chat, to get a streamlined approach to simplify access to resources, answer general questions and assist in challenges associated with campus life. This will give our students the opportunity to work directly with a team member to ensure efficient and speedy resolutions.

Our mission is MRU4YOU cares to inform and communicate while creating connections that lead to resolution.


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Are you an artist? Do you play an instrument or are you in a band? Do you work well with your hands and make crafts to sell? Share your skills/talent/hobbies with us and be part of our Campus Activities whenever available.

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Saber Que Se Puede,
Believe you Can!

For for over 25 years, Miami Regional University (MRU) has provided its students with a high quality and personalized level of education.

MRU’s niche is to develop solutions for our community’s needs with a mission to educate and develop individuals to achieve their career potential.

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