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Students wishing to withdraw must make an appointment to meet with their program advisor or associate dean.

Transcript Requests

The Office of the Registrar maintains student records of academic progress. These records are available to active, withdrawn or graduate students upon request. All requests for official transcripts must be submitted in writing with a valid student signature releasing the information. There is a fee for official transcripts. Electronic or mailed in official transcripts are accepted. Please see the published fee schedule for cost of transcripts. Transcripts will not be released if the student or graduate has not met their financial obligations to the College.

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In accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008 and for the Higher Education Act of 1965 (as amended), each postsecondary educational institution must disclose information in the recommended and required textbooks needed to complete each course of study. A list of textbooks and the approximate cost  can be found in the student portal. Students are required to have the correct textbook, editions and supplements required for each course. Textbooks must be brought to class for each course on the first day of that course. Failure to have the correct textbooks and required supplements will result in the student being issued the proper textbooks and supplements. Charges (retail price) will be placed on the student account. The student will be responsible for all charges.

Textbooks may not be returned once they are opened from the original seal/packaging or after five business days. Textbook returned must be in original condition in packaging. Course supplements, to include online enhancements/license codes, may not be returned and the student shall be responsible for the cost of the supplement and online enhancements/license codes. To access the current textbook list and estimated cost, please access the MRU Student Portal.

Students wishing to change enrollment status, view schedules or review their personal account must access the MRU Student Portal by clicking here.

Forms, Policies and Procedures

Forms, Policies and Procedures
Students may access forms, policies and procedures through the student portal by clicking here.

Testing and Evaluation
For placement, progression and graduation assessments, students may schedule through the student portal by clicking here.

Document Request Form
Download the MRU Document Request Form by clicking here. The completed document should be emailed to



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