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The Office of Admissions and Enrollment Services recruits, enrolls, and advises applicants by providing information about Miami Regional University’s programs. Admissions representatives coordinate and manage open houses, school presentations and events for local affiliates.


Miami Regional University is committed to providing a high-quality education to all students without regard to race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, genetic information, age, disability, national origin, veteran status, marital status or political affiliation. The University promotes an open and diverse culture, and will not tolerate discrimination against or harassment of any individual or group. Students, faculty, and staff should be afforded equal opportunity to participate in University programs and use University facilities free of discrimination or harassment. This policy applies to all University students, faculty, staff, and other employees of Miami Regional University, and to any person or group acting within or on behalf of the University.


Applicants to any Miami Regional University program are required to submit an information request form prior to being interviewed by an admissions representative. Applicants may visit the campus to obtain the form. Applicants are encouraged to visit the campus to learn about academic programs, campus life, admission, financial aid requirements, or other areas of interest to the applicant.


The Office of Admissions and Enrollment Services first verifies that an applicant meets the basic requirements for the chosen program. If necessary, the applicant then takes the required assessment or entrance exam.

The applicant will receive a read-only electronic formatted copy of the current and complete University Catalog by email. Upon request, applicants shall receive a printed and bound version of the current University Catalog. After reviewing the University Catalog and understanding all financial responsibilities and program costs, the applicant will sign and date an enrollment agreement. An authorized University official shall sign and date the enrollment agreement. A copy of the enrollment agreement shall be provided to the applicant.

All monies paid by an applicant shall be refunded if requested within three (3) days after signing the enrollment agreement and making an initial payment. An applicant requesting cancellation more than three days after signing an enrollment agreement and making an initial payment, but prior to entering the University, shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid minus a registration fee of 15% of the contract price of the program which shall not exceed $150.

New students must attend a mandatory orientation to complete their enrollment and be admitted to Miami Regional University.

Miami Regional University seeks to admit only those candidates who exhibit a genuine commitment to advancement in their profession or field of study.


All applicants must meet the general admission requirements as indicated below:

  • Interview with an admission representative
  • Provide Proof of Graduation (POG) from high school or its equivalent
  • Provide proof of age and identification (government issued; applicant must be seventeen or older at the start of the first class)
  • Demonstrate ability to meet applicable program-specific requirements
  • Complete the application for the appropriate program
  • Complete student orientation requirements


The applicant is responsible for providing verifiable proof of graduation from high school, or proof of having satisfied the requirements for high school in a manner recognized by the United States Department of Education.

Acceptable Proof of Graduation (POG):

  • High school diploma or transcript
  • G.E.D certification with test scores Academic transcript indicating the student successfully completed at least a two-year program that is acceptable for full credit toward a bachelor’s degree at a participating institution
  • Foreign high school diploma equivalent to a United States high school diploma

If an applicant previously entered a program in a degree-granting institution for which a high school diploma was required, the University may accept an evaluation from an NACES or AICE approved credentialing agency certifying that a high school diploma was a requirement for the higher degree program.

Miami Regional University reserves the right to deny enrollment if the University deems that an applicant’s proof of graduation cannot be authenticated or verified.


Miami Regional University may provisionally enroll students until all eligibility requirements have been met and verified with the appropriate documentation. Prior to admitting a provisionally enrolled student, the University will verify that the student has completed their secondary school studies and/or all necessary program admission requirements by the last day of the Add/Drop period.

Miami Regional University may rescind admission decisions, cancel financial aid awards, and cancel any University registration for students who are found ineligible.


Applicants claiming degrees from outside of the United States must have their transcripts translated and evaluated by an NACES or AICE approved credentialing agency.


Applicants whose native language is not English must demonstrate English proficiency for acceptance into any University program. Applicants can demonstrate proficiency through one of the following:

TOEFL, Paper-based 500 or higher
TOEFL, Computer-based 173 or higher
TOEFL, Internet-Based Test (iBT) 61 or higher
IELTS, International English Language Testing System 6 or higher
Catalyst Assessment 401 or higher
NGL Online Placement Test (OPT) C1 or higher

Applicants who do not demonstrate minimum English proficiency requirements must successfully complete courses in the Intensive English for Professionals of Other Countries (IEPOC) program. Upon successful completion of IEPOC level 6, the student must meet admission requirements for the University and the selected program.

Applicants who have completed at least 15 semester credits or equivalent from an accredited English-speaking University or University recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and have achieved a minimum grade of “C” or a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale may be exempt from taking an English proficiency assessment. Three of the 15 credits must be in English and Communications courses at the 100/1000 or higher level.

Applicants who hold an active Registered Nurse license prior to enrollment are exempt from English proficiency requirements.


Students who satisfy the general admission requirements may enroll at Miami Regional University to take select University courses. University prerequisites may apply for certain courses. Official transcripts may be requested.


Applicants who are not currently enrolled in a University program may wish to take select University courses by completing an application. Applicants wishing to complete Mathematics or English courses must meet the relevant prerequisites, including any required assessments. Students who wish to enroll in a University program are conditionally accepted if they meet all other program requirements and upon successful completion of the courses they are taking. If the student later wishes to apply, and is accepted into a University program, the student may be eligible for transfer credits.


Applicants requesting transfer credit consideration from previous courses taken outside of Miami Regional University must complete a Transfer of Credit Form and pay a transfer of credit fee. Transfer credits typically will not be considered after the first day of class. Official transcripts must be received from the awarding institution by the end of the first term or transfer credit may not be awarded. Foreign transcripts must be translated and evaluated by a NACES- or AICE- approved credentialing evaluation agency. Official documents must be sent directly from the agency to Miami Regional University. For further information on transfer of credits, please see the Transfer of Credit Policy in the catalog.


Any student wishing to be considered for re-enrollment to any University program must meet with a representative of the Office of Admissions. The student may be required to meet new or additional requirements prior to acceptance. A student re-enrolling in a program should meet with the Office of Financial Aid to discuss funding eligibility.

Students should refer to their student handbook for program specific requirements. Students who have been dismissed from a program due to failure to satisfy program requirements may request to be considered for re-entry. Students should obtain the applicable digital form to submit on the school portal for review and consideration. Students may appeal a re-entry denial.

Program re-entry after dismissal may be granted at the University’s discretion upon a showing by the student of extenuating circumstances. The corresponding Dean will review the circumstances that contributed to the lack of success during previous enrollment and analyze what changes are in place which may allow improved performance and readiness. Each appeal will be considered individually, and the applicant has the responsibility of demonstrating the changes made to set the foundation for successful re-entry and progression throughout enrollment, should re-entry be granted. Re-entry stipulations may include the requirement to pass competency assessments, and additional coursework. If approved by the Dean, the student will complete the re-entry process with the Offices of Admission and Enrollment Services, Financial Aid, and the Bursar.


Certain programs may have additional requirements for an applicant to be considered for acceptance. Additional requirements may include, but are not limited to, entrance exams, externship requirements, drug screening, background investigations, health and immunization requirements, previous professional licensure requirements, and prerequisite coursework. Some programs and courses may require applicants and students to demonstrate certain skills necessary for higher level coursework. The University reserves the right to require evidence of the successful completion of English language proficiency and remedial coursework as a prerequisite to select courses and programs.

Please refer to the University Catalog, beginning on page 23 for all information pertaining to the Office of Admissions and Enrollment Services.

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