Office of Academic Advisement & Student Success

Our Mission:
To provide all MRU students with the elite customer service and individual attention needed along with the tools and guidance to help them be able to confront and resolve any issues that may occur during their studies. To assist our students in attaining the Academic Excellence and Training needed to be a successful graduate of MRU!

The Office of Academic Advisement & Student Success is available to all enrolled students at any time to discuss academic issues and challenges that may occur throughout their time at the University. The Office is designed to implement the most effective methods, strategies and skills needed to provide students with options and alternatives to help resolve their specific Academic Issues or Concerns in a way that will allow students to be proactive with their studies.

The Office is dedicated to all students, faculty and staff, resulting in a high student retention rate for the University by providing proper resources needed to help resolve their questions and concerns, such as WellConnect.

WellConnect is a service provided to all MRU students that are seeking advice from a licensed counselor.  This is a confidential 24/7, telephone service. This student support program is a confidential, voluntary counseling and resource referral service provided free of charge to students and their household members.

WellConnect = Your Student Support Program

Counseling Available 24/7:
Free Counseling Service Available through WellConnect!URL

Phone Number: 866-640-4777
School Code: email for school code

New online Chatting Services Now Available!

Yenisey Cabrera
Yenisey Cabrera
Senior Director of the Office of Academic Advisement & Student Success

With over 15 years of experience in Higher Education and Academic Advising, it is no wonder why her students get the guidance and direction they need. It is her passion and commitment to her students that make her an asset to any institution. She started her career in Education in 2001 when she graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Barry University. After her first few years as a fourth and fifth grade teacher, she transitioned into higher education with roles in Admissions, Director of Education & Student Affairs and Senior Academic Advisor for the University of Miami.  In 2017, she keenly accepted the opportunity to bring her skills, service and expertise to Miami Regional University where she worked on creating and building an Academic Advising Office. She has implemented the most effective methods, strategies and skills needed to provide students with elite customer service along with resources to assist them in resolving their specific academic issues. She has done this in a way that will allow students to be proactive with their studies in order to reach academic success.

Valeria Castanos
Valeria Castanos
Assistant Academic Advisor

Valeria Castanos grew up in Miami, Florida where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Philosophy from Florida International University. Throughout her undergraduate career, she worked as a Learning Assistant for the Mastery Math Lab at FIU. There she discovered her passion for helping students and for higher education. What she found most rewarding was seeing students master the content and become more confident, resilient and better versions of themselves. She witnessed the obstacles that stood in the way of student success and pushed students to overcome them to meet their individual goals.  After graduation, she worked as a Project Coordinator for the FAMILY Lab at the University of Miami collaborating on a study that examines the impact that colorectal cancer has on the patient and their family. During her time there, she gained insight about patients’ daily stressors and how illness affects quality of life. Both of these experiences have given Valeria a better understanding of the hardships that people experience. She hopes to use her knowledge and skills to help others thrive. Now, she brings her passion for helping students to Miami Regional University in hopes of bringing them continued success. 

Success is One Step Away