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Ophelia Sanchez
President and Chief Executive Officer
Miami Regional University


Miami Regional University challenges its students and alumni to reach for their potential. Do not let life get in the way of your dreams, but rather let your dreams shape your life.

Fulfilling its mission to provide quality education in a nurturing environment, Miami Regional University has fostered the development of knowledge, skills and positive attitudes for diverse multigenerational learners for over 20 years.

With more than 1,000 students enrolling each year, MRU offers various undergraduate and graduate programs in the field of Nursing to meet different student circumstances. Whether you are right out of high school, or have years of experience in the medical field, MRU has the program that satisfies your needs.

In 2016, Miami Regional University received the “The Spirit of FAPSC Award” (Florida Association of Post Secondary Schools and Colleges). This award recognizes an institution that reaches beyond its immediate interest to help the educational sector at large. The University selflessly extended its hands and opened its doors to approximately 300 displaced students from schools that closed. MRU welcomed them and, in spite of the tragic situation they were facing, helped them reach their goal. They were determined to prevent life from getting in the way of their dreams;
Miami Regional University made it possible for them to shape their life to their aspirations.

Miami Regional University has experienced outstanding growth over the last four years. We have evolved from a career school, to a college, and to a university. Future plans include robust expansion. We invite you to evolve with us. Change your life into a better future – the one that you create at MRU!

Miami Regional University inspires students to succeed while preparing them for lifelong learning in an evolving world. Our motto is “Believe You Can!”, “Saber Que Se Puede!”.

I congratulate you on your decision to evolve to a better future.


Mission and Vision


Miami Regional University provides quality undergraduate and graduate education in a nurturing learning environment that fosters the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes for diverse multigenerational learners. Our dedicated University community and faculty prepare students for lifelong learning in an evolving world.


“To be the private institution of choice for individuals seeking excellence in higher education”

MRU History

Management Resources Inc; dba (doing business as) Miami Regional University incorporated in 1996, was originally a management consulting, training and human development firm helping individuals and organizations improve their performance in business and their daily lives. In 1999, the company was awarded a contract with CareerSource South Florida (then called Miami-Dade WAGES Coalition) and started training welfare and dislocated clients. This was the company’s initial awareness of the needs of our community. This work gradually became the organization’s main focus, expanding to CareerSource Broward. Today, we continue to partner with CareerSource South Florida, CareerSource Broward, Vocational Rehabilitation, and the Veteran’s Administration. Our financially disadvantaged students benefit greatly from their assistance. 

In 2001, the institution was licensed by the Florida Commission of Independent Education (CIE), adopting Management Resources Institute (MRI) as a dba (doing business as). To meet the needs of the large number of underemployed Hispanic professionals, MRI developed a unique program to prepare foreign college graduates to become Florida certified teachers. The MRI student population began to evolve from first time job seekers to underemployed professionals.

In order to broaden students’ accessibility to the school, MRI decided to seek accreditation. In 2007 MRI received six years accreditation from the Council on Occupational Education (COE). A Re-affirmation visit in August 2012 resulted in another 6 years of accreditation effective February 2013. In 2008, MRI was approved by the US Department of Education (USDOE) to administer Federal Financial Aid.

MRI’s Advisory Board identified two community needs: a large demand for nurses and an extensive population of foreign physicians not able to practice their profession in the United States. Based on the Board’s recommendations, in February 2012 MRI launched an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing, with an MD to RN path, to convert the large number of foreign physicians to Registered Nurses. The positive response from the community to this program accelerated MRI’s growth in 2013 beyond expectations. Our newly licensed RNs feel that they have returned to their real life goal: saving lives. This initial step fueled their desire for higher educational achievements as ARNP’s and DNP’s.

In 2014 MRI received approval from COE and CIE to change its name to Management Resources College (MRC). Planning to offer higher level degrees, MRC decided to change accrediting agencies since COE does not accredit higher than Associate levels. The last, very exciting development in the school's history is the award of University status in August 2016. Management Resources College (MRC) evolved to Miami Regional University (MRU)! MRU is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). MRU is proud to announce both the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing programs are programmatically accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). At this time, the Associate of Science in Nursing program is a candidate for accreditation by ACEN.

Two of our Master offerings enable doctors, and those holding a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences to become ARNP’s in record time. This fulfills our pledge to our first nursing cohort in accordance to our mission, to reach their career potential.

The MRU team looks forward to continuing to fulfill its mission by providing an excellent education and accessible career paths helping our students reach their career goals. We have learned from our history and look forward to continue improving the quality of our education, our community collaboration, and the responsible growth of the university.

Success is One Step Away