• Posted on: August 7, 2016
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For twenty years, Management Resources College has fueled students to reach their top career potential. By instilling the mantra “Saber Que Se Puede” in each and every student, MRC recognizes that everyone’s goals and dreams are different and thus require individual attention every step of the way.

On July 26th, MRC made a huge announcement and unveiled the school’s new name, logo and seal to the dedicated students, faculty, and staff. MRC is now MRU…Miami Regional University.

With the name change came an identity for the newly formed MRU. It was very important to the team at MRU to keep the history of MRC alive. The triangle in the logo of MRC has great meaning to those who know it.

Every person can achieve success with three necessary elements: a positive attitude, carefully cultivated skills, and targeted goals. Each of these ingredients is represented in MRU’s new logo.

The word of the year for MRU is EVOLVE, and it could not be more appropriate. The academic year to come will be stock full of Evolution but the University’s heart and soul will never waiver.

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