• Posted on: July 9, 2020
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Hello, I wanted to write this email to express my gratitude towards you guys. It has still been a shock to me that I passed my NCLEX on 6/27. Today I received my license in the mail and made everything feel surreal. I could not have accomplished my dream goal without you guys. The tools provided is beyond helpful and not many schools provide you with between integration, NCLEX bootcamp, and clarity whenever I had a doubt is what made me successful. Knowing your content is the key to passing NCLEX but the main key to me was learning how to answer questions and critical thinking. I remember taking exams during integration and would be frustrated because I was not passing exams or confused with the questions. I didn’t like Kaplan because it was so much critical thinking and now that I look back that is exactly what I needed to learn to pass NCLEX. We as students love to think we know it all and focus on what other nursing students recommend (Uworld) but the reality is that the tools you give us to succeed and pass NCLEX is right in our hands and that is listening to what you guys advise. I am so grateful for your dedication, hard work, and classes that guided me in passing NCLEX the FIRST time around and now I can say I am registered nurse.

Thank you,
Kassandra Parra

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