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Let’s do it together at MRU!

The world has never been a better place. Humanity is experiencing unprecedented access to food, medicine, education, transportation, and housing, among other sustainable development milestones. Still, there is much to be done as our world evolves.

Miami Regional University is committed to forging competitive professionals with a holistic view of the world and an ethical approach to their craft. MRU graduates are independent learners, ready to face emerging challenges with a solid scientific approach and the courage needed to do so. We are proud to see them on the field transforming lives through their vocation and talents.

In the coming years, the labor market will have a high demand for business, education, and nursing professionals. As our planetary population grows and access to services expands, positions in these fields will also increase, creating a world of new possibilities for you. The MRU essential skills toolkit will prepare you to take advantage of these opportunities.

However, our 21st-century trials come as great heats of waves. The sea may be both beautiful and dangerous at times. As an MRU graduate, you learn to tackle these waves and enjoy your surf. We help you transform weaknesses into strengths and risks into opportunities, find the positive among the negative, and see solutions to surrounding problems. Oftentimes it is easier to see the fault than the merit. An MRU graduate learns to focus on merit as authentic leadership is always light in the dark.

Bring your mind, heart, and faith with you, and we’ll walk together. Believe you can!

Giselle Poveda, PhD
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

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Saber Que Se Puede ~ Believe you can!

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