• Posted on: July 8, 2020
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Meet Sherry Cortes, MRU’s New Distance Learning Librarian

Throughout her nine years of experience as a librarian and archivist, Sherry Cortes has worked for a wide range of institutions – from public libraries, community colleges and historical societies, to universities and museums. She has managed archives with papers dating back to 1891 and is passionate about promoting the use of library resources and databases to aid students in their research and education. Sherry is proficient with the online education software used at universities to conduct their courses, and possesses the knowledge and skills required to provide effective online assistance to our students on digital platforms.

From an early age, Sherry knew she would pursue a career in academia due to her strong love for education that her family helped instill in her. She found herself choosing between becoming a professor or librarian, and the answer became evident after noticing how much time she spent at the library throughout her college and graduate school years. Thus far, her decision has led to her positions as an Archivist at the Isaiah Davenport House Museum, Archivist at East Carolina University, and Archivist at the University of Texas at Arlington. In these institutions, Sherry played a critical role in processing and managing large collections, creating and submitting articles for publication, and preserving the archives.

Since her arrival at MRU in early June, Sherry has already begun utilizing her vast experience with online learning to help the university develop its digital presence in the MRU student community. She has been busy collaborating with the IT department and Ms. Nunez to create a platform where students and faculty can contact a librarian for an immediate conversation to answer their questions; and she has been helping students with their research questions. Sherry loves being able to assist students with their questions and believes it is “the most satisfying feeling in life.” Sherry earned her bachelor’s degree in History from Kenyon College and her master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the University of South Carolina. She is excited to expand the capabilities of our library and looks forward to growing her relationship with the MRU family.

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