Master of Science in Nursing Direct Entry Degree Plan

MSN5150 Advanced Pathophysiology 3
MSN5200 Advanced Health Assessment 3
MSN5250 Statistics for Advanced Nursing Practice 3
MSN5300 Advanced Nursing Inquiry and Evidence Based Research 3
MSN5320 Foundations of Nursing Care Across the Lifespan 8
MSN5350 Advanced Pharmacology 3
MSN5400 Healthcare Policy and Delivery System 3
MSN5410 Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing 8
MSN5420 Mental Health 4
MSN5430 Pediatrics and Obstetrics 5
MSN5500 Nursing Informatics 3
MSN5550 Health Promotion: Prevention of Disease 3
MSN5650 Nursing Decision Making 3
MSN5950 Role of the Nurse Leader and Leadership Initiatives 3
MSN6010 Integration into Practice 6
MSN6020 Quality and Safety in Healthcare 3
Total Credits 64

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