MRU Class Lecture

There are books and films about what makes a leader great. Classes have been structured and designed around the ground breaking question, what makes a great nurse leader?
A great leader is committed, confident, creative, innovative, inspirational, passionate and compassionate. They have integrity, a strong sense of purpose and defined missions with a specific goal in mind. They’re resilient, and when they fall down, they get right back up. They’ve been tested, they’ve proven themselves, and they’ve risen to the top of their organizations.
Great leaders are sought out for advice because their colleagues value what they have to say. They are eager to accept responsibility and be accountable for the outcomes. Staff members feel safe when a great leader is at the helm, and they are prepared and ready to take over when necessary because their leader has given them the confidence they need.
Great leaders are self-aware and recognize the scope of the positions they have, but they never forget to acknowledge those who taught, mentored and motivated them along the way. Because of this strong sense of self, they plan and chart their own courses carefully and thoughtfully.

There’s a world of opportunity out there for you if you think nursing leadership is in your future. Only you can answer the question. Only you can start the journey. #SaberQueSePuede

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