• Posted on: December 20, 2016
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  • Posted by: Alex Beck
Assistant Dean of Academic Excellence and Graduate Engagement, Iznaldy Denis

At MRU, we are a Family. We want to take the time to recognize our dedicated faculty and all they do for our students.

Iznaldy Denis is the Assistant Dean of Academic Excellence and Graduate Engagement at MRU. She is also known as the “NCLEX Coach!” She describes the best parts of her job as evaluating the students, getting to know them, building a rapport with them, and establishing a relationship based on trust, understanding, and leadership. “This is more than a job it’s a vocational Mission. Therefore the best part is to watch them grow and SUCCEED!”

Outside of her work, Iznaldy enjoys walks by the beach, meditating, reading, watching investigative shows, hanging out with her soulmate and children.

The following quotes inspire her both in her career and beyond:
“With Faith, everything is possible.”
“Believe you can.”

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