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The University Library serves students, alumni, faculty and college staff. TheUniversity subscribes to five major online databases and resources from Gale-Cengage Learning and EBSCO, accessible at all times from any electronic device with an internet connection. Through these electronic resources users have access to more than 37,000 serial titles, including over 20,000 in full text; more than 15,000 videos, 79,800 images and 121,900 audio files. Additionally, there is a resource to learn languages, which supports the needs of our student population. With over 1,000 printed collections, subject distribution is related to the number of students enrolled in the different programs. The Library staff in collaboration with faculty hold a series of workshops to support student and alumni needs. For further information and for a current list of offerings, please visit the library.

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Monday to Friday: 7am to 9pm
Saturday: 8am to 2pm
Sunday: 8am to 2pm

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Ms. Samantha Wallace
Associate Dean of Library Sciences & Discovery
Assistant Professor
305-422-9223 Extension 6045

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