Master of Business Administration

Program Description
16 Months – 36 semester credits (Full-Time Option)

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Program Description
16 Months – 36 semester credits (Full-Time Option) 
The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is designed to strengthen students for positions of leadership, develop life-long career management skills and develop the financial competency required to make effective business decisions.  Graduates possess the skills and knowledge to be confident and successful business leaders who are sought out for their integrity, decision-making skills and ability to work effectively with others. It is an intensive graduate degree program designed to instruct students in the theories and practices of the modern, fast-paced business world. The MBA program aims to improve the understanding and knowledge of what drives a business through core concepts in accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management, operations, and strategy.

End of Program Student Learning Outcomes
At completion of the program, the graduate will possess the knowledge and skill to:

  1. Manage in a competitive and a changing business environment by integrating managerial competencies and strategic skills.
  2. Demonstrate leadership and team building skills critical to managing change and operational effectiveness.
  3. Use ethical practices and apply legal and social responsibilities in the decision-making process.
  4. Demonstrate the principles and processes of effective written and oral communications through research papers and presentations.
  5. Impact management effectiveness through cultural sensitivity and awareness.
  6. Enhance business decisions by critically evaluating an organization’s financial position and apply selected methods of quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  7. Generate creative solutions through the application of analytical models.

Admission Requirements
In addition to the general admission requirements and procedures, applicants wishing consideration for admission to the Master of Business Administration program must:

  1. Conferred Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution
  2. Proof of Graduation: University transcript of coursework from Bachelor’s Degree from an institution accredited by agencies recognized by the United States Department of Education

Credential Issued
Master of Business Administration

Delivery Mode
This program is offered face-to-face (onsite).

Transfer Credits
No more than 9 credits can be transferred from another institution.

A Master of Business Administration will be issued to each student who successfully completes the program requirements and satisfies graduation requirements:

  1. Student has a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  2. Student is current with financial obligations to the University
  3. Student has met with the Office of Career Services for assistance with job placement or provides documentation of employment
  4. Student has completed Exit Interview with the Office of Financial Aid
  5. Student has completed the Graduation Clearance form and submitted it to the Office of the Registrar at least 60 days before the last day of class

Students must adhere to all University policies and requirements including those involving the required use of electronic devices.

Master of Business Administration Degree Plan

MAN5100 Leadership and Organizational Behavior 3 45
MAN5200 Human Resources Management 3 45
BUL5300 Business Law 3 45
Semester I Total: 9 135
MAN5300 Information and Technology Management 3 45
ACG5500 Managerial Accounting 3 45
MKT5300 Marketing Management 3 45
Semester II Total: 9 135
FIN6100 Finance Management 3 45
ECO6060 Managerial Economics 3 45
MAN5400 Operations and Project Management 3 45
Semester III Total: 9 135
MAN6200 International Strategic Management 3 45
QMB6300 Business Research & Statistical Application 3 45
MAN6400 Capstone: Business Strategies 3 45
Semester IV Total: 9 135
Program Totals: 36 540


MBA Foreign Transcript Evaluation Variable Foreign Transcript Evaluation
MBA Registration Fee $100.00 Registration Fee
MBA Application Fee $100.00 Application Fee
MBA Bring Your Own Device (BOD) App $99.00 Tablet Configuration
MBA Copies of academic records – cost per page $1.00 Copies of academic records
MBA Course Make Up Exam and Proctor Fee $40.00 Cost to make up a missed exam
MBA Credit through standardized examination (Test Out) cost per exam $100.00 Test Out
MBA Book Fee Variable For individual Book Fees see Appendix
MBA Graduation Fee $150.00 Graduation Fee
MBA Parking Fee (Per Term) $25.00 Cost to park in MRU assigned parking
MBA Student Badge ID $50.00 Student ID
MBA Student Badge ID Replacement Fee $25.00 Replacement of lost or stolen ID
MBA Student Services, Technology and Media Fee (Per Semester) $120.00 Cost for use of internet, WIFI, Online library periodicals, etc.
MBA Transfer Credit Evaluation $120.00 Cost to Evaluate transcripts for Transfer Credits
MBA Tuition Cost per Credit $431.00 Tuition Cost per Credit

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