Academic Support

The University is committed to the wellbeing of our students and has committed to providing support services throughout enrollment. The University has partnered with Student Resources Services and the Well Connect Program to provide students with 24/7 access to many services all year long. Some of the services available are:

Counseling Services: Well Connect by Student Resource Services offers immediate on-the-spot support, as well as free short-term counseling to address issues such as stress, depression, family and relationship concerns, addiction, academic challenges, and more. When you call the main toll-free line, you will talk with a knowledgeable and experienced clinician who can help connect you to the resources you need.

Resources and Support: Students have the ability to obtain support and resources from a specialist who can help them to address issues in their daily life, which may be interfering with success in their program. The types of resources that are available include researching community-based housing, moving, and relocation options; informed referrals for healthcare services, transportation, and utilities; and assistance with identifying volunteer opportunities.

Legal Services: Free initial phone consultation with a state-admitted attorney on most legal issues, including estate planning, adoption, divorce/custody, bankruptcy, landlord/tenant disputes, contracts, criminal charges, and eldercare tools (e.g., wills, healthcare proxies, powers of attorney, etc.). Students receive a 25% discount off the hourly rate if the participating attorney is retained. Note: the program does not cover employment-related issues.

Financial Services: Free phone consultations with experienced financial educators on a number of issues such as budgeting, debt management, credit concerns, mortgages, and financing. This service also includes identity theft recovery assistance, including a free 30-minute telephone consultation with an identity recovery professional who will work with the student to assess the situation, review the student’s credit report to determine fraud, create an action plan, and provide a packet of forms and instructions on restoring credit. Additional financial support includes: referrals to certified financial professionals, online articles and tip sheets, investment and retirement calculators, and financial worksheets.

Family and Caregiving: Free, confidential access to dependent care resources and services, including phone consultations with well-qualified family and caregiving specialists; provider searches for child care, elder care, and pet care; confirmed match referrals with vacancy checks; educational materials to help evaluate care options; online searchable databases; information about government, community-based, and private resources; and articles, tip sheets, and audio tips related to education and scholarships, senior care and housing options, parenting and discipline, and many other popular family and care giving topics.

Health and Wellness: The basic service offers access to a rich library of tips, articles, and screening instruments regarding common health concerns; information and referrals for diet, nutrition, weight management, traditional and alternative medical resources; personal safety information for people of all ages; current research specific to women, men, pediatric and geriatric health issues; and practical guides to developing habits conducive to overall wellbeing.

To access support services, please login to the student portal for contact information or see the Office of Academic Affairs.

Virtual Student Services

Virtual Student Services is available to students who have questions, concerns, or require assistance. Students can email with the questions, concerns, or assistance needed and will receive a response back within 24 hours.


The University has developed a special Center to facilitate tutoring during enrollment and support graduates preparing for licensure and certification after graduation.

Enrolled students desiring additional tutoring beyond what is provided by course faculty should contact the Center for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning at 305-442-9223 or by email at A student support specialist will coordinate tutoring by matching the student with the appropriate tutor or mentor.

The University recognizes that graduates need support, tutoring, advising and mentorship as they prepare for licensure and certification. In addition, alumni that take new employment and specialty positions may need to enhance their clinical skills and knowledge in specific content area.

Alumni may attend any class session when space is available. Alumni may also improve their clinical skills and competencies by working with the Center for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning staff and faculty.

The University is committed to lifelong learning and supports our enrolled students and alumni. Alumni who wish to schedule tutoring, mentoring, skills enhancement, or who would like to attend any University class, should contact the Center for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning.

Writing Center

The composition, research writing, and oral communication courses help students cultivate the necessary critical and analytical skills for writing and speaking at a professional level. Students will learn how to interpret data and rhetoric, compose and defend arguments, integrate outside resources, and create material for effective public presentations. For one to write well, one must read often; therefore, these courses include rigorous yet relevant material in which students learn to “close read” and voice their viewpoints through essays and presentations. “Close reading” requires one to understand the context of a situation or text by engaging with the resources available, and then challenging those points of view through investigation and discussion. This sequence of strategies (read, think, discuss, and explore) create an innovative, analytical, and individualistic approach to one’s work. In addition, the skills learned in these courses will be utilized throughout one’s academic and professional career. Devoted to supplying students with a superior learning environment, the University’s diverse and accomplished faculty are available to provide tutoring for all areas of concentration within the programs offered at the institution. Additionally, faculty collaborate with library personnel to provide workshops on research and computer skills training. With cutting edge technology and flexible scheduling, faculty and staff can accommodate the needs of the MRU community. For more assistance or information, please email:

Miami Regional University
The Center for Continuing Education
and Lifelong Learning

700 S. Royal Poinciana Blvd.
Miami Springs, FL 33166

Technology Support

Throughout enrollment, students will interact with technology as part of their out-of-class work, lecture, laboratory, externship and evaluations. General computer competency is essential. Some programs require a higher level of technology interface. The University Information Technology (IT) Department provides general support for students. Contact information is located on the portal or by calling 866-785-0759 or by email:
Students needing computer literacy training or a basic computer skills refresher, please contact the Department of Academic Excellence to coordinate sessions/training.

Microsoft License Agreement

Miami Regional University (MRU) is enrolled in the Microsoft Campus Agreement (MCA) licensing program. This agreement allows MRU to maintain the most current versions of Office and Windows OS for all MRU computers without purchasing individual licenses for each computer. The MCA is an annual rental program for Higher and Further Education customers. It enables MRU to run a number of Microsoft applications on desktop systems for an annual fee based on the total number of eligible employees in the institution.

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