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Management Resources College (MRC) Assists, Advises Displaced Local Students


Nov. 3, 2015 – Miami – Like many colleges in the area, Management Resources College (MRC) has received numerous enrollment inquiries from former Dade Medical College and University of Southernmost Florida students, and is presently in the process of advising and assisting those students.

“In the wake of these neighboring schools abruptly ceasing operations, MRC shares the students’ and community’s concerns about their future career paths,” said Ophelia Sanchez, President/CEO of MRC.

MRC began evaluating the resources necessary to assist the large number of students seeking enrollment on Monday. “In its commitment to quality education, MRC always strives to ensure that resources are evaluated in order to provide the best outcomes,” Sanchez added.

An example she shared includes a plan currently underway to boost state testing scores for the Registered Nursing (RN) program. State results in 2015 for MRC illustrates much improved results – with 100 percent passing in the latest graduating class, the Aug. 25 cohort. “While our school cannot predict what its percentage will be for 2015, we are committed to ensuring this program succeeds,” Sanchez added.

“Since we began operations in 1996, we have always strived to provide high quality education for the South Florida community,” she said.

MRC is likewise committed to working diligently to assist displaced students. As such, MRC has and will continue to host informational sessions regarding the options available to these displaced students, who are looking to complete their degree plans. The transfer credits available for these students will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Thank you to our alumni, now RNs, who are trying to help students they know. Referrals should make an appointment through info@mrc.edu to facilitate the process.

Additional information will be shared as it becomes available.


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