• Posted on: September 6, 2017
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  • Posted by: Alex Beck

At the peak of hurricane season, Florida residents have been reminded recently more than ever how important it is to be prepared. While Florida hasn’t been hit by a significantly devastating storm in a few years, we’ve learned from experience that when it comes to nature, we can never be too prepared. The National Hurricane Center has put together a guide to follow when getting ready for the hurricane season that we’ve condensed for our readers.

  • Gather information about your area. Know whether or not you should evacuate and lower your risk of damages by assessing your home’s vulnerability to storm surge, flooding and winds. If you don’t know whether you live in an evacuation area or not, contact your local National Weather Service office
  • Keep a list of contacts of your local utilities, hospitals, American Red Cross, TV Stations, and Town Government for reference.
  • Check your hazards risk with FEMA’s Map Portal and rate your flood risk with FloodSmart.gov.
  • Gather supplies. Put together a basic disaster supplies kit and consider storage locations for different situations. Help community members do the same.
  • Develop an emergency plan to protect yourself and your family. Be sure to plan locations away from your home, plan for your pets, and prepare boats and be aware of marine safety if you are near the water.
  • Review the CDC’s health considerations, the FDA’s food and water safety guidelines, and the EPA’s suggestions for health and environmental safety in disaster preparedness.
  • If you need to evacuate, allow for enough time to pack and inform friends and family if you need to leave home. Consider your protection options and decide whether or not you wish to evacuate.

For a list of additional resources, visit: National Hurricane Center.

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