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Student Career Services
The University’s Career Services Department is committed to our students. We meet all incoming students at orientation and provides career assistance, employment guidance, job search training, and job referrals matching employer needs to the student’s program of study and personal profile. Students are assisted with resume writing, interview preparation, presentation skills and social networking training to enhance employment possibilities.

Job leads that become available to the University from potential employers are posted on the job listing boards in the Student Resource Center within the Career Services Department. Job fairs are provided quarterly for students and graduates to provide additional employment and volunteer opportunities. The Career Services Department is available by appointment or walk-in basis (see schedule below). The University does not guarantee employment upon graduation; the University maintains compliance with federal, local and general placement requirements.

Resume Preparation Assistance/Workshops
Students will be provided with assistance in constructing a working resume that today’s hiring managers will be more interested in reviewing.

Interview Preparation and Mock Interviewing/Workshops
We work with our students to prepare them through mock interviews to go on job interviews and have confidence in themselves and the interviewing process. One of our specialists will work with each student prior to graduation to determine their areas of employment interest. These services are at no additional cost to students, graduates, and alumni.

Presentation Skills Workshop
Students will learn the do’s and don’t’s of the job search and interviewing process.

Networking/Social Networking
A review of various current social media will be conducted with students so they can learn how to market themselves via networking and social media sites. To find out more about our career placement services, schedule an appointment today.

General Email:
Director of Career Services: Randy Breiter, Ext. 6035,
Career Services Representative: Domminique Washington, Ext. 6029,

Department Hours
Mondays through Fridays 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. – Wednesdays and Thursdays until 7:00 P.M.

Career Services Office
Phone: 305-442-9223
Fax: 305-455-6703

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